Design Services Offered


Interior Design

When working with clients at Francesca Designs, we are thoroughly involved from start to finish. From the initial design consultation, to the planning, designing, and implementation together with various trades each detail is created and executed to perfection. Our vision and goal is to create seamless design that allows our clients to be left with a beautiful space, that lays the framework for their life.


Exterior Design

The exterior design process is limitless, with a good plan. We work with many architects, engineers, and reliable contractors that enable us as a team to bring your dream design to life. We create a dynamic view from all elevations that is unique, durable and adds to the natural curb appeal of your property.


Commercial Design

Francesca Designs reviews every commercial design project and creates a one of kind workplace environment that will provide a comfortable and productive workspace with functionality, style and ease.



The process of staging is meant to enhance the details of your home, or business to attract buyers. The new proposed buyers will be enticed by the story line that is created in each detail laid out in the staging process. Staging allows for the space to feel larger, more inviting and provides people with the vision that is sometimes hard to find in an empty room. Prospective buyers will presented with a beautifully laid out area that will enable them to see the potential that is awaiting them in their new opportunity. We have had much success in creating spaces that have increased the value of our clients investments. Therefore creating quick returns on investments and leaving clients satisfied in all areas of the staging process.


Paint Consultation

Paint consultations provide an opportunity to educate the clients, with regard to how colour can compliment their home. During the consultation many different options will be selected and from then swatches will be prepared for clients. Once clients have swatches they can see how the paint looks in different light and make an informed decision.


Floor Plan Design and Layouts

A good design begins with a good plan. By creating floor plans it allows us to add to the space or take away items as required and capture the overall feel of a room before it is completed. It allows for clients to visualize the end result of the design process.


Landscape Design Plans

Francesca Designs reviews every clients outdoor living space, including exposure to sun, shaded areas, existing elements and different zones. We create a unique design that inhibits your outdoor space for full season living and enjoyment.


Decor for Personal and Corporate Events

Personal and or Corporate Events require the element of elegance. We create breathtaking decor for each specific event. Utilizing florals, ambiance lighting and furniture accents to create a space that reflects your vision and will allow you everlasting memories. We have completed decor for various size functions from intimate parties of ten, to corporate events with a 1000 guest. The unique settings will turn your event one that no one will want to part from.


Customized Urn Decor

Francesca Designs creates unique customized urn decor, utilizing dynamic everlasting pieces and fresh greenery and florals. We recommended urn designs of many kinds, ranging from traditional cast iron, fibre stone and stainless steel. Each customized urn is specifically designed and all items wired to with hold their design structure through weather conditions. We create seasonal or permanent designs for urn decor.