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When it comes to staying inspired, one thing that I love to do is create design boards; similar to a vision board. I tend to create them every month or so; simply by pulling out the things that inspire me most in the design world. In an industry that is constantly evolving its important to stay current and maintain fresh inspiration on a regular basis and this is a fun creative easy way to do so. As I speak with my clients and view my board many ideas flow through me; which helps me create a unique design for each one of my clients. To achieve the look as a vision board, pick out a bulletin board with a unique frame that flows with your design aesthetic, and grab some cute push pins to apply everything with. For the actual inspiration part of this, you can use what ever inspires you. If you have some favourite magazines, you may take a few photos that you love and put them on your board. It will help you feel positive and inspired throughout your day. Don’t be afraid to go outside the realm of magazines for inspiration, you can print out your favourite quotes and or make collages with a group of photos from Tumblr and Pinterest that you love. You can add texture to your board, by finding ribbon in colours that you connect with, or even by overlapping photos to create dimension. Now when it comes to placement don’t be hesitant, play around with everything, you don’t need to get it perfect on the first try, just place all your photos where they look and feel right. The great thing about a bulletin board and some push pins, is that nothing is permanent, you can rearrange everything until you are fully satisfied with the end result, and when you get bored of the photos, you can easily switch them out, and create a whole new board that inspires and motivates you.



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Francesca Piro

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