Essential Oils

Part of my design repertoire is encompassing all the senses into a newly designed space. I have utilized many candles and room sprays to ensure that ambiance and mood has been set for a client. Recently I have discovered some wonderful pure essential oil products offered by Doterra and have loved working with them in my design process as well as when I’m at home. Therefore I thought it would be best to become a business builder for these products, this enables me to provide my clients with samples and set them up for there own purchases as they feel comfortable. When it comes to displaying my oils, I have a shelve that I picked up from HomeSense, that fits perfectly in this corner of my office. On the first shelf I have a small vase of faux white roses, surrounded with some crystals. To the right of that I have an acrylic holder for all of my 5ml oils, which keeps them organized and easily accessible. On the second shelf, I have all of my 15ml oils lined up in rows; as I’ve yet to find an acrylic container with slots large enough for them to fit in. Beside that I have three little tea light holders from a supplier of mine where I keep sample containers for clients. Finally to the right of that I have two glass jared spray bottles, and a couple other products from Doterra. On the shelf below that I have two books on essential oils, as I am still reading up on all the benefits that they offer. Placed upon that is a diffuser from Saje; each morning I fill it with water, and add a couple drops of essential oils to get whichever scent I feel like that day infused into the room. That is part of what I love about essential oils, is the scent customization you can have within a space on any given day. Lastly on the final shelf I just have a white decorative box, and beside that on the floor one of my many Buddha statues. Essential Oils have become apart of many of my design spaces for their wonderful ability to further enhance the senses.

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Francesca Piro

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