Revamping with Black and Gold

Black and Gold have and will always be a colour combination that I love. Now a days you can effortlessly achieve the look of muted gold by updating your current pieces. This wall in my office, housed an old outdated gold mirror from the 80’s, and when I saw it combined with this black faux alligator skin console table with curved muted gold legs, I realized how it needed a refresh. Therefore with a quick trip to Michael’s, I purchased multi surface satin acrylic craft paint, from Martha Stewart Crafts line in the colour Beetle Black, and picked up some paintbrushes in a variety of sizes and textures, and began the journey of revamping this mirror. To start I took it off the wall and placed it on a flat surface to paint. I used a thicker wider brush to go over the wide parts of the frame, and a variety of smaller ones to fill in all the detail. To my surprise I only ended up using one container of paint for the entire mirror, which is a 20×24 inch mirror. Once everything was painted, I left it until dry. Once dry I hung it back up on the wall and began accessorizing the space to make the new accents pop! In front of the console table I placed a white faux fur throw that grounds the space making it a uniformed area. On each side of  the console table I placed two pink ghosts chairs. The ghost chairs allow the room to maintain a clear flow but also provide additional seating for when clients come in. Now for the top of the console table, on the left side I placed a large clear glass vase with rocks and starfish that houses a gorgeous candle from Anthropologie, beside that, I have a smaller candle as well from Anthropologie that clients and I  get to enjoy when they visit during the design plan process. Lastly on the far right side I have placed a stack of books, a mixture of design books some of which are by my favourite designers and trendy ones used simply for inspiration. To finish it off I placed  a beautiful circular silver statue on a marble base on top of the stack of books. With the simple revamping of an old mirror, the space now feels updated and fresh and is inspiring to work in. Even with all the accents and accessories, the new dramatic black mirror, combined with the faux alligator skin console table and curved muted gold legs shine in the space.



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Francesca Piro

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